Monday, 5 August 2013

Summer Sketches 2.

Continuing on from the previous sketches, I've noticed I tend to draw more Life-Forms. Playing around with the various objects, including only a small part sometimes.


  1. Hey Ruby,

    Welcome to the CGAA Community, I hope you're ready for the adventure ahead.
    I'm Nat, just heading into the senior citizens year of the course (Year 3), so if you need a hand getting around or any questions just send me (or anyone else that will comment on your blog) a message, we're happy to help.
    Here's a link to my blog, need me - leave a comment and i'll get back to you :)


  2. Hey Ruby,
    welcome to the gang I'm super excited to meet you and everyone in the next few weeks. The names George I'm heading into second year. just like Nat said if you need help with anything don't be afraid to message me :)
    also here's a link to my blog if you want to talk

  3. Hi Ruby,

    Congratulations on joining the CGA&A family! Keep up your summer project, it's looking really good so far! : )

    I'm Sam, about to be second year, if you need any help feel free to contact me via my blog:

  4. Hi Ruby,

    well you have decided to make the leap to CGA&A. As you can see from the guys who have posted before we have a pretty tight knit community, which I am sure you will fit into with no problems.

    Use the guys in the other years, they are a generous bunch, make sure your blog always rocks, never ever stop drawing, never be afraid to ask questions and I am sure you will breeze through the next three years.

    Welcome to CGA&A you are going to love it.