Monday, 30 September 2013

Photoshop Workshop - Colour

During todays Photoshop workshop we focused on colour, and how we can start to add colour effectively to our thumbnails. I began with sketching out a thumbnail based on 'The Magic Shop' quickly taken from on of my pencil sketches, and then using another layer airbrushed very lightly on top blocked colours.

I decided to stick too Complementary colours for this one as it is the easiest of all the colour techniques we got told today to use without a colour wheel to use. Although brown and purple aren't complementary colours Orange and Blue are which I started off from, but as my first attempt at a sketch so quick I'm quite happy with how its turned out. Can't wait to start sketching more thumbnails, adding colour to see them come to life. 

Friday, 27 September 2013

Photoshop Induction/Initial Thumbnails.

On Monday we had a Photoshop induction with Jordan who introduced us to how we will be using Photoshop too produce Concept Art. We focused on trying out different brushes finding those we liked to use, and using the Drawing Pad to apply different pressures; giving us a range of soft/hardness like when you usually use a pencil.

He gave us a template to use as a guide for our thumbnails and I did a few quick ones using the brushes I liked.

I decided to give ago at some Photoshop thumbnails yesterday and I'm still figuring out how to get the perceptive using different shades etc... These thumbnails I produced are based on 'The Red Room' book, it has a dark and eary theme which I tried to put across in the thumbnails. 

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Influence Maps 2.

I've gone back and had another look at 'The Red Room' and done some Influence Maps on it to broaden my understanding of the book and to help me out with my initial thumbnails. At first I was put of by the books dark approch but after researching a few images it's starting to grow on me. Both 'The Red Room' and 'The Magic Shop' have similar settings as each are mainly set inside a building and both were set around the same era.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

First look at Thumbnails.

I've produced some thumbnails based upon the highlighted areas of the books 'The Magic Shop' and 'The Red Room' which I've decided to have another look at. These sketches are purely just what comes to mind when I was reading the extracts and I haven't linked any of them in with the influence maps just yet. I wanted to see what kind of image I got in my head with the descriptions, before I brought actual images into them.

'Space Oddities' Film Review

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Directed by Robert Wiene

'Space Oddities' Film Review

Le Voyage dans la lune (1902) 

Directed by Georges Melies

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Influence Maps

I began with researching London Streets and Shops in 1900's to give me an idea of what the street layouts where, and also what the shops looked like especially as the main scene of the book is based around a shop. 

I found that majority where based on corners, and they all had a huge display window advertising what they sold. All the same but each to their own. 

The magic equipment described that was laying around the shop was hard to research because I wasn't sure if I should include them into my thumbnails, as they have no part in the surroundings but they give a crucial giveaway of it being a magic shop. I've decided im going to include them as they make part of the environment. Along with the objects I researched the colours used in the 1900's as all the photos where black and white or sepia. 

Book Excerpt: The Magic Shop.

I picked out Folder 20 which had 2 book excerpts in it; the Red Room (1894) and The Magic Shop (1903) both by H.G.Wells. After reading through them both a couple of times I highlighted points of interest: description of scenery, atmosphere, the year, appearances, anything that jumped at me to begin researching for the thumbnails.

I decided to go with The Magic Shop, because as I began to read through all the highlighted areas I found I could do so much more with it and I wasn't restricted to a certain path. Whereas The Red Room  I got a kind of inclosed, spooky/dark atmosphere which kind of put me of; in The Magic Room I felt when reading through it again I could change the atmosphere as it didn't really hold one but of a mystery.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Machinery - Plasma Pivot Gun.

For my finalised Machinery idea I used drawing 44, and created it using the Scissors and the object that had a top and bottom half connected; a bit like walkway used to get onto an aeroplane. I added the seat and the jet underneath after I'd the base of the machine, I thought by adding these things it adds more function as to what this piece of machinery could do. 

Again I scanned the original sketch into my laptop and used SketchBook Pro 6 to refine my idea. Using the colour palette from the previous finalised ideas I thought to keep with the same colour scheme, and like the electric volts/ball being the purplish colour I decided to change the idea of it producing electric with Plasma to give a more space age feel. 

In the Front View drawing, the purple stripe across the middle of the Gun is where the current is to producing the plasma that builds up in a force to release a ball of Plasma. This machinery could be used to just hover in one place or to be used as a vehicle by bandits or police; jetting around in space or a space aged town.

Overall I'm very pleased with how each of my Finalised ideas have turned out and by doing the Front, Side and Back view of each of them gives another perspective of the original ideas I came up with.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Structure - Laboratory Hillside.

For my finalised Structure I decided to use drawing 54, which was an adaption from 55 and when I started to sketch out the possibilities of the side and back view; it became my favourite.

This idea came about the other night while I was watching the Hobbit, seeing Mr. Baggins outside his house got my brain ticking over. I used the nut looking object to be the base for the walkthrough tunnel/door, then I drew the hill around it (original image 55).

I Began flicking through drawings I'd already done and I liked the electric ball idea I had  in drawing 12 so I combined the idea together with this one. Using the bird lampshade object I used its form to become the electric ball shape.

Again I scanned my original sketch into my laptop and used the same programme as before. 

For the colours I kept with original grass Greens and Brown muddy colours, these just happened to be the same colours I used for my Life-Form. After that I decided may as well keep with the same colours throughout my finalised ideas so I used the Purple shades for the Electricity. This idea reminds me of a Electric Laboratory, where a mad scientist's invention has gone to pot letting electricity go flying.  

Life-Form - Lizardog.

For my finalised Life-Form I decided to use drawing 32, which was my favourite out of the Life-Forms I had created.

I created this idea using the object in the upper right hand corner of the sheet of objects given to us to use. The only aspect of the object I used was its form, which gave my life-form its base.

I scanned the image in onto my laptop to use as a base to draw around using the drawing tablet. I used a programme called SketchBook Pro 6 to produce my final Life-Form, enabling me to adapt to my original idea and add colours using layers.

I initially drew this idea having in mind of it to be some kind of lizard so when it came to the colours my first thought was Green; the Purple came from the Pink tongue which I added to relate to the dog like body. From behind I got a dinosaur age lizard which I liked. The nose is a hoover style trunk which is floaty and floppy just being a trunk really, which just makes the creature more unique and not your usual lizard. 

Summer Sketches 6.

Ive tried to do 101 drawings but starting the course is getting closer and I've only managed to do 56, but out of the drawings done I've picked three of which I'm going to finalise which I will put up once there finished.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013