Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Book Excerpt: The Magic Shop.

I picked out Folder 20 which had 2 book excerpts in it; the Red Room (1894) and The Magic Shop (1903) both by H.G.Wells. After reading through them both a couple of times I highlighted points of interest: description of scenery, atmosphere, the year, appearances, anything that jumped at me to begin researching for the thumbnails.

I decided to go with The Magic Shop, because as I began to read through all the highlighted areas I found I could do so much more with it and I wasn't restricted to a certain path. Whereas The Red Room  I got a kind of inclosed, spooky/dark atmosphere which kind of put me of; in The Magic Room I felt when reading through it again I could change the atmosphere as it didn't really hold one but of a mystery.


  1. Hi Ruby :)

    Maybe you need to use the thumbnailing process to 'get past' your initial disinterest in 'The Red Room' excerpt. Personally, I'd encourage you to keep both environments in play and not switch off any lightbulbs yet - this is the stage in the project when you should be exploring as many avenues and options as possible. Try and think a bit more professionally - and all I mean by this is simply that if you were a jobbing freelance concept artist asked to come up with visual concepts and plans for the excerpts provided, then you'd pretty much have to find a way to get your juices flowing and get into both environments imaginatively - you wouldn't have a choice if it was the job the client had asked you to undertake. So - the short version is, have a look again at The Red Room - especially in light of Caligari today - maybe you need to think more 'psychologically' about that red room - after all, the story is a story about fear itself, not ghosts and ghouls... :) Give it another whirl, Ruby - what's the worst that could happen?

    1. I wasn't sure if I could use both books or not so I just picked one. Thank you, I will take on board and have another look at 'the Red Room', and see where it takes me :).