Wednesday, 25 September 2013

First look at Thumbnails.

I've produced some thumbnails based upon the highlighted areas of the books 'The Magic Shop' and 'The Red Room' which I've decided to have another look at. These sketches are purely just what comes to mind when I was reading the extracts and I haven't linked any of them in with the influence maps just yet. I wanted to see what kind of image I got in my head with the descriptions, before I brought actual images into them.


  1. hi ruby, is happy to see your sketching :) i like that u trying to zoom in things and that felt like the bridge from scene to scene, and i like17 which is the one have moon and stairs , lovely composition :) but i also think that u can put more objects in it so it wont look too flat :)

    1. Oh right yeah :), I need to play around with perspective; I'll give that a go thank you :D.