Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Influence Maps

I began with researching London Streets and Shops in 1900's to give me an idea of what the street layouts where, and also what the shops looked like especially as the main scene of the book is based around a shop. 

I found that majority where based on corners, and they all had a huge display window advertising what they sold. All the same but each to their own. 

The magic equipment described that was laying around the shop was hard to research because I wasn't sure if I should include them into my thumbnails, as they have no part in the surroundings but they give a crucial giveaway of it being a magic shop. I've decided im going to include them as they make part of the environment. Along with the objects I researched the colours used in the 1900's as all the photos where black and white or sepia. 


  1. whoohoo! Ruby's first influence maps - lovely! :)

    also - see link!


  2. really like the old victorian buildings and i think u can also look at the Liberty or Harrods, royal printing of patterns and colour tones:) hope it is helpful :)

    1. Oh okay, i'll give that a look at thank you Candice. :).