Monday, 16 September 2013

Life-Form - Lizardog.

For my finalised Life-Form I decided to use drawing 32, which was my favourite out of the Life-Forms I had created.

I created this idea using the object in the upper right hand corner of the sheet of objects given to us to use. The only aspect of the object I used was its form, which gave my life-form its base.

I scanned the image in onto my laptop to use as a base to draw around using the drawing tablet. I used a programme called SketchBook Pro 6 to produce my final Life-Form, enabling me to adapt to my original idea and add colours using layers.

I initially drew this idea having in mind of it to be some kind of lizard so when it came to the colours my first thought was Green; the Purple came from the Pink tongue which I added to relate to the dog like body. From behind I got a dinosaur age lizard which I liked. The nose is a hoover style trunk which is floaty and floppy just being a trunk really, which just makes the creature more unique and not your usual lizard. 

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