Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Machinery - Plasma Pivot Gun.

For my finalised Machinery idea I used drawing 44, and created it using the Scissors and the object that had a top and bottom half connected; a bit like walkway used to get onto an aeroplane. I added the seat and the jet underneath after I'd the base of the machine, I thought by adding these things it adds more function as to what this piece of machinery could do. 

Again I scanned the original sketch into my laptop and used SketchBook Pro 6 to refine my idea. Using the colour palette from the previous finalised ideas I thought to keep with the same colour scheme, and like the electric volts/ball being the purplish colour I decided to change the idea of it producing electric with Plasma to give a more space age feel. 

In the Front View drawing, the purple stripe across the middle of the Gun is where the current is to producing the plasma that builds up in a force to release a ball of Plasma. This machinery could be used to just hover in one place or to be used as a vehicle by bandits or police; jetting around in space or a space aged town.

Overall I'm very pleased with how each of my Finalised ideas have turned out and by doing the Front, Side and Back view of each of them gives another perspective of the original ideas I came up with.


  1. Hi Ruby! I'm Molly, I graduated last year and I'll be popping up here giving you advice and generally enjoying your work :D

    I really like that you were using your blog before the course started, it's a really great place to get feedback and share your work *it can become addictive sometimes :P*

    I've also enjoyed looking at all 3 of your final summer drawings. You've got a really fun style already so I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next! :)

    1. Oh! My blog is mollybolder.blogspot.com so feel free to drop me a comment if you need any help :)

  2. Hello Molly, awh thank you can't wait to check out your work and meet you :).