Monday, 16 September 2013

Structure - Laboratory Hillside.

For my finalised Structure I decided to use drawing 54, which was an adaption from 55 and when I started to sketch out the possibilities of the side and back view; it became my favourite.

This idea came about the other night while I was watching the Hobbit, seeing Mr. Baggins outside his house got my brain ticking over. I used the nut looking object to be the base for the walkthrough tunnel/door, then I drew the hill around it (original image 55).

I Began flicking through drawings I'd already done and I liked the electric ball idea I had  in drawing 12 so I combined the idea together with this one. Using the bird lampshade object I used its form to become the electric ball shape.

Again I scanned my original sketch into my laptop and used the same programme as before. 

For the colours I kept with original grass Greens and Brown muddy colours, these just happened to be the same colours I used for my Life-Form. After that I decided may as well keep with the same colours throughout my finalised ideas so I used the Purple shades for the Electricity. This idea reminds me of a Electric Laboratory, where a mad scientist's invention has gone to pot letting electricity go flying.  

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