Thursday, 10 October 2013

'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2' Research.

This has nothing to do with my excerpts but I was having a little browse on a website Jordan suggested to us: Concept Art World; which I've found very interesting and came across concept art for the new sequel Cloudy 2 by Samantha Kallis which caught my eye.

This one I love because I like how she's represented a burger as a sun that gives out a holy glow reaching down to Flint and the crew on the boat below, but although the rest of the image is blacked out you still get a image how the scene carries on and not just suddenly disappearing. - This is the kind of image I want to create for when looking down my haunted corridor, a beam of light guiding the way but with a sense of you know the image continues although its blacked out.

Another powerful image that draws your eye into the light and because of this you know where the characters are heading, leaving in the foreground shadowed plants, almost gives the same sense like in the image above but in an opposite away. - I'm going to try and take this on board and use it in my own thumbnails, getting use to the foreground, mid and back-grounds.

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