Thursday, 10 October 2013

Concept Artist Who's Who?

After getting feedback from Phil about my OGR, I need to explore my excerpt a bit more and get out of the box of Haunted houses and creepy corridors which its pretty obvious and the first thing that comes to mind when reading it.

Joseph Minton

Ive took on board the suggestions and gone and found an Expressionism Artist, Joseph Minton who's work looks very dark and has meaning behind his paintings which I'm hoping will help develop my own thumbnails.  

In the painting 'Drawing Near', the first thought I got when looked at it was loneliness. As if he's been isolated, chucked out in the cold at night, and he's heading towards some cover and warmth. 
Drawing Near
I think his style of painting, expressing those paint strokes will help out in my own work to show the same emotions loneliness, paranoia and claustrophobia. The red suggests danger and panic, which in my book 'The Red Room' plays a great part. 

Another painting which I thought related to my excerpt - 'Insanity'. By looking at it you do get a sense of Insanity due to the repetition of the flowers on the ground as if there never ending, making you feel like your going round in circles. The powerful heat colours too, just make it seem more like your never going to make it like the suns burning you. 

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