Sunday, 20 October 2013

Concept Artist Who's Who?

For my second scene I've decided to base it upon the staircases mentioned in 'The Red Room' but in a surrealist way, having staircases coming from all directions and coming off of one another.

M.C. Escher
'Relativity' recreated in Lego.
Escher's staircase drawings gave me some inspiration in how I wanted this scene to look, especially with all the different perspectives from the staircases and how they all intertwine with one another. You can almost feel each of the perspectives and where there coming from even though only half the image is in the drawing. Really get a feel of never a never ending loop, which is just how I pictured the person in 'The Red Room' to feel. 

The Lego version of 'Relativity' really brings the original drawing to life and helps you see more clearly where each path is heading. 


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