Sunday, 20 October 2013

'Echochrome' Research.

To get some more ideas on a surrealist staircase type scene I decided to research a puzzle game which I've played and really enjoyed: 'Echochrome'. It focuses on a single strip where a character starts and then a blackhole suggesting the ending and you you have to get him there. By tilting and rotating the screen so that the path connects, the character makes his way to the exit; but as the levels get harder the strips get more and more complicated making you think more about your next move.

Top image: the strip needs to be connected
Bottom image: After rotating and turning the screen, the strip is connected and creates a never ending loop.

If you was to move the screen after connecting it together then that connection you made would break, as the levels get more completed you have to make and break loops in order to get the character to the exit.

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