Thursday, 31 October 2013

Influence Maps 2.

Here is some more visual research that i've gone into more detail about certain things like the laboratory and habitat/setting for my Secret Lairs.

For the Laboratory setting I looked at various scientists labs to get a general jist of the normal. Yzma's Lab from The Emperor's New Groove really gave me inspiration for how vibrant the colours could be for my set and the shapes used for equipment. Heidi also suggested I look at Professor Putricide from W.O.W and Reptile from the new Mortal Kombat; although these were more based on character development I was able to look into the backgrounds and find useful images. Prof. Snape's from Harry Potter and also the RV Lab from Breaking Bad were again labs that came to mind.

I looked more into Salamanders Habitats and found out that some of them come from the NorthWest California and love to live under rocks/logs. Knowing that amphibians adapt from eggs in water I wanted to keep water around so researched Rockpool caverns to keep shallow water amongst the set.

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