Monday, 21 October 2013

Thumbnails 112 - 115.

112 & 113 are thumbnail ideas that I like for my 3rd scene for when the guy has survived the night and is leaving. I'm not too sure on the colours as they do make it look very dark, but I like the red glow from the sun in the background.

114 & 115 are ideas for my 2nd scene of a staircase. I'm not sure if all the people are needed to show the man walking around in a never ending loop or if I should just add a few to give that effect? Also the the colours used, I'm not too sure on; but again I like the Red glow in the centre suggesting he's heading towards danger.

1 comment:

  1. Morning Ruby - I think you should try and do without the 'stick man' in your final images, simply because he's taking from the overall sophistication of your idea; he's a bit too simplistic really. I know you're using him for a sense of scale, but just in purely visual terms, he's bringing a touch of sweetness and cuteness to your world - which is working against your overall intention. Ditch the stickman, focus on your environments :)