Sunday, 6 October 2013

Thumbnails 41 - 63

I've gone and took a few of the previous thumbnails and drawn them up in Photoshop, duplicating each and adding colour/effects to see different ways in which they could look.

I really like how 44 has turned out on Photoshop; using white to become a light which I think really brightens it up. 

When I added colour I wanted to keep to the cold and dusty feel of which I got from reading the Except so I kept with cold colours like blue and purples for the shadows and just warming it up with fiery colours to represent the candles glow. 

52, 58 and 60 are my favourites on this page. 


  1. Hi Ruby - got some additional references for you in terms of thinking in a more stylised way - perhaps - about your environments: check out this animated version of Poe's The Tell Tale Heart, for example - notice the simple, stark, illustrative and highly theatrical way of creating the spaces in the story:

    and also this:

    You might also think about looking at stage design too for ways to break out of the idea of always drawing corners of rooms and 'literal' spaces: for example:

    1. Thanks Phil, the Noctume animation has really given me some inspiration and ideas to adapt my thumbnails :).