Monday, 7 October 2013

Thumbnails 64 - 71

More quick thumbnails based around a few animations 'Noctume' and 'The Tell Tales Heart'. I really like there 2D blocky cartoon approach using layers which I've tried to incorporate in my thumbnails.


  1. Hi Ruby! Great atmospheric thumbnails again, I particularly like 65, that's got some great potential :)

  2. Hey Ruby, I like 65, 68, 69 and 64. 64s viewpoint is interesting and I love the extended shadow, gives it a feeling of mystery and foreboding. 65 use of light invites mysteriousness to the piece and a strong contrast between the bright light and dark hallway but I would be careful with how you draw and blend the light into the darkness. Try look online but it might be a better idea to look at a actual light in the same context. 68 and 69s perspectives have a good distance and scale to them and the contrast between the castle like structure and moon in 69 gives a nice eerie presence to the building, but that will depend on how it is shaded and weaved into the scene. :D Hope this is useful to you!

    1. Hello, thank you for the feedback Kyle very useful these are only quick sketches of the idea while it was in my head have yet to adapt them in Photoshop; but I'll take on board what you said, and about blending the light and dark shadows together. Hoping maybe use of colour will come in handy then or maybe slightly different greyscale :).

  3. hi :D
    i really like 67 personally :D with close up with the child and i think u could create the mid ground and background for that so it will looks more interesting in composition and perspective :)