Friday, 18 October 2013

Thumbnails 91 - 94

I've started looking at possible concept ideas for one of my final concepts. I'm really like the atmosphere created in both the colour concepts as it brings what I wanted to show through - a earry, dark- dimension type place. Using a Triadic Colour Scheme, the blue makes the shadows look really cold and makes a contrast to the firey red.

94 I think is tad too dark, but I like the lighting that beams down over the floating, far away doors/walls that the man on the rock can't reach.

In 93 I've changed the lighting a bit so that the light flooding through is only hitting the far away doors/walls, and shows the blackness between the man and where he wants to reach more. I think I prefer this one also because its got a dark grey scale background whereas 94 looks too much colour?


  1. Hey Ruby! I really love the feel of 94, it really seems like he's on the edge of an endless cavernous space with this monolithic structure hiding in it. Very exciting stuff! I love how powerful the red is there too! :)

    1. Oh okay, thanks. :). I wasn't sure what perspective worked better.