Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Thumbnails 87 - 91 (Orthographic Views)

After our Photoshop session on Monday Jordan suggested I go ahead and create pages of the objects/props that are going to be in my Lair in more detail, so that when it comes to Maya I have more of an understand of how to make these.

Jordan gave me some examples of how to produce these kind of Orthographic views and said maybe a birds-eye view of the Lair may help show me the scale/ proportions of objects to the scene itself.

Jordans Example.

I have yet to do some simple sketches of my Lair layout from different views.

Artists Toolkit 'Animation' (Drawing)

Here's today's Life-Drawing exercises focusing on the hands and feet.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Thumbnails 80 - 86.

After my OGR I was told some of my objects in my Concept wasn't clear and that I needed to work into them a bit more so I've gone ahead and done more sketches to resolve some of my objects, also by doing so has helped me think about how to create these objects in Maya.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Artists Toolkit 'Animation'

Here is a still page of my Zoetrope Animation 'Po-Go Jumping Santa', I've took my drawings into photoshop after testing it out in Dragon Stop-motion so I knew it worked to make it more cartoony.

I have got a tester animation from Dragon but once the file is working I'll upload it. 

Friday, 22 November 2013

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

OGR - Secret Lairs Project 2.

Thumbnails 76 - 79.

I'm finalising my Secret Lair adding a orange tinge to the whole space and also adding a orange rim light to the pipes and blue to the whole cave to make it look as if light is bouncing. I've added some reflection to the water to make it look more watery and the light bouncing of that also.

I'm torn between 78 and 79. I like the lighting but I think by 78 being a tad darker it gives the colours more of a pop, but I kinda like the brightness of 79.




76 - Original.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Thumbnails 73 - 75.

So I've gone and taken my Secret Lair a bit further in the way of lighting, changing the colour of the cave to a more of an orangey colour, making the rim lighting from the blue tubes stand out more.

73 - Painting over my original thumbnail.

74 - same as 73 but used the Dodge tool to darken the scene.
75 - Colour Dodge tool used to bring out the bright colours .

Thumbnails 70 - 72.

Im having some difficulty with the rim lighting. I tried pushing the colours further to make them bounce around the room but the more I more pushed the colours the more they seemed to blow-out and just become a muddy colour all together.

I had a chat with Jordan and he suggested that I swap my greyish cave to a more of a orange brown like the glow from the fireflies/glow-worms and then have the blue from the tubes give of rim lighting around the cave which he showed me in 70. I'm gonna take this further and see where it takes me. 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Thumbnails 59 - 69.

I think my Concept is coming together now - I've done little sketches of certain objects that will be in my Secret Lair like Jars that are full of Fireflies or Glow-Worms and the Science Flasks that are a big hint to him being an Alchemist.

60 is the original before I added in the light. I got suggested to add a bit of orange into my Lair so I've dotted it around in the glowing jars which hold glow-worms/fireflies, you can't see the jar at the front but I added some light to suggest one may be there which might need a bit more considering its at the front and closest. Also on the bookshelf are a variety of different metals/gems which could be used for creating all kinds of weird stuff, and my Hero Prop is propped on the wooden table.

These are just some close-up sketches I did based on certain objects to give me more of an understanding for when it comes to creating them in Maya. 

Artists Toolkit 'Animation' (Drawing)

Here are my Life Drawing's from yesterday.

Amphibian Alchemist.

I've gone back to my character and improved him to relate more to my cartoony style I have going on, and have also added my Hero Prop to show others how it may work.

I've made a device for when 'Mr. Shaw' when he loses his tail (which tends to happen to Salamanders when they reach a certain age). This device is a Prosthetic Hand. It straps to his tail stub by a belt which sits on the end of the stub. As he's an Alchemist he's created a special chemical/potion which allows him to use the Prosthetic as if it was a tail but also at the same time function as another hand.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Thumbnails 55 - 58.

I've gone ahead and took my Hero Prop 'Prosthetic Hand-Tail' further and played around with adding colour dodge on 56 and 57 to inluminate parts of the hand as if a potion was used on it like in the lab. And 58 was 55 but just paint bucketed over the top of it which I think gives a very comic book look.

'Mise-en-Scene' Film Review

Thumbnail 54 & Influence Map.

I went ahead and researched into Prosthetic Hands/Limbs and also those on animals and started to draw an idea I can take further in Photoshop so that I have my base to work with for my Hero Prop.

I'm aware that my sketch only has 3 fingers and a thumb, but my character is a weird and nutty Alchemist so I thought he can get a way with it.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Thumbnails 50 - 53.

I'm really liking how these are looking, although there not really detailed I've got my base and how I want my perspective to be. 52 I think works well in how bright the lights are where 51 and 53 look a bit too blown out. There also giving out that Cartoon vibe I wanted after looking at various cartoons they keep the colours blended but also chunky at the same time which I've tried to capture in my brushstrokes.

Today in my Photoshop workshop I spoke to Jordan and he gave me a tip in how to make it look Cartoony by blending the colours together softly and also how to have my lights bouncing and giving of light by using the Colour Dodge Tool.

Thumbnails 46 - 49.

After my OGR feedback I went ahead and some more sketches for my Hero Prop this time involving the long slimy tail which can on some amphibians fall off and be re-grown.

I quite liked the idea of a belt that secures the contraption on my character and so I used this a start, my favourite is 48 a robot hand that moves and bends its fingers when the Salamander moves his tail. And 49 was a contraption that if the tail was to regrow he was able to keep hold of the old one (No idea why he'd want to do that, I thought maybe for protection when went out in the wild).

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Maya Tutorial 12.

Whimsy House Lighting.




Night Time

Thumbnails 42 - 45.

Here are a few thumbnails experimenting with lighting and 'overlay' layers. 42 was the original before I started playing around with the colours and changing bits. I've also added in more Amphibian objects like a rock table and wooden bookshelf so it looks like he's made them himself. 44 is my favourite so far I like the light at the end of the tunnel.

Pinky and the Brain 'Research'

I like the way lighting is used in 'Pinky and the Brain' very blocky, with bold outlines showing the light in an almost spotlight manner. The bold use of colours make the cartoon look fun and lively also, something I need to experiment with my thumbnails.