Saturday, 9 November 2013

Concept Artist Who's Who?

After my OGR feedback for my Secret Lair, Phil recommended I go ahead and look at cartoons to help me out with my Lair; looking at the colours/brushwork so I can try and make my world have that funny cartoon style too.

John Kricfalusi 

John Kricfalusi's work is more based around character development rather than the environments but the colours and way he sketches has given me some ideas to add to my own work.

Looking at his earlier work 'Ren and Stimpy', he uses a range of colour tones but in a blocky manner keeping them separate.

I also love the fore, mid and back-grounds used in the cartoon, keeping everything very shadow-outlined and blocky the further it is; but they still keep there forms so that the audience know that there are woods and mountains in the background. 

He's recently been working on some production drawings for the new upcoming cartoon 'Free Birds'. I love how free and quick his thumbnails are and especially on these sketches the gadgets on the Turkeys - inspiration for Hero Props.

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