Tuesday, 5 November 2013

'Mise-en-Scene' Film Review


  1. Morning Ruby!
    Each review is becoming more academic-sounding - well done! :)

    One point you could have discussed in a bit more depth, might have been the contrast between the appearance of the castle, and the neighbourhood; you touch on it when you say 'which has something to do with the economy and selling goods.'

    I think what you are sort of referring to here, is the difference between the attitudes of a consumer-led society, which although pristine and perfect in appearance, is petty and shallow, and the menacing look of the castle and Edward himself, who is in fact innocent and childlike. See how you can discuss this in more depth?

    Be careful of vague statements - always assume you reader knows nothing. So when you mention that his films 'became grouped together and all involving his wife', it's unclear what his wife has to do with anything! Be specific...

    Don't forget that even if you mention the author of a quote before the quote, you still need to reference it afterwards, with the surname and the date ( your Jo Berry quote seems dateless?)

    1. Oh right okay, I was gonna go into more detail but must of forgot to add it in once got the bulk writen out.

      Thank you :).