Wednesday, 6 November 2013

OGR - Secret Lairs Project 1.


  1. OGR 09/11/2013

    Morning Ruby,

    Thanks for being so patient :)

    Well, in terms of your story, it's so nutty and so 'Saturday morning kids' cartoon' that I think you need to absolutely embrace the silliness and broad brushstrokes of your character and his world; as soon as I saw your hybrid salamander character, I was reminded of all these related shows:

    Ren & Stimpy (creator - John Kricfalusi)

    Pinky and the Brain

    This 'cartoon' feel is already in many of your thumbnails, so I suggest that look at animation background art in terms of really nailing some of the ways in which your environment might communicate the same sort of feel - this following tumblr is great resource of animation backgrounds - just keep scrolling, but look at the ways they favour block colour and a certain simplicity:

    In terms of your hero prop, I just wonder if you could do more with his salamander-ness - they have detachable tails, don't they - maybe he could have some kind of tail-gadget - a detachable tail that also does something else?

    Just a general note, Ruby - spelling might not be a strong point of yours yet, but your OGR is characterised by lots of typos - I think from having the spell-checker correct things incorrectly; you just need to give your writing a bit more editorial polish before you publish, otherwise people are going to judge you - and we don't want that!

    So - in general terms, I want you to embrace much more the toony element of your lair - look at animation backgrounds in terms of their use of colour and distortion. This shouldn't be a timid, real-world approach, but something much more 'Cartoon Network'. In regard to the hero prop, I just think looking a bit more at the ways, means and behaviour of salamanders (as opposed to just at the ways, means and behaviour of mad scientists), might give you something quirkier to work with.

    1. Oh right okay thanks :), I'll go and have a look at the cartoons you recommended and do some hero prop thumbnails.