Wednesday, 20 November 2013

OGR - Secret Lairs Project 2.


  1. OGR 20/11/2013

    Hi Ruby,

    Thanks for getting this up nice and early. I reckon you're pretty much good to go in terms of making the jump into Maya, though when you do, I'd like to see you explore some alternate camera placement , as maybe this 'straight on' view isn't as immersive as it could be. Looking at your concept painting, I'm not quite sure I understand the purpose/materiality of the blue 'balls' on the bottom left of the image, and the blue 'N' shape in the middle-foreground creates a visual barrier - again, is this a pipe? It feels very flat. Lighting is going to be a key part of this space, in terms of glow effects and rim lighting etc, so I want you to leave yourself sufficient time to fully explore these opportunities boldly. In design terms, it does feel as if your lair could absorb a bit more clutter and paraphernalia, to give it a more lived-in/work-space vibe. Not sure what the elements are on the bookshelf? Remember - anything you're going to include in this space will need to be resolved more formally in terms of production drawings - you'll need to design everything! I like your hero prop - though I see now that it borrows very heavily from an image on your influence map... you'll need to create a bunch of additional drawings of your own now to understand exactly how that's going to work in 3D. I look forward to you making the jump into Maya - but don't lose sight of your 'toony' art direction when modelling, texturing and lighting. This isn't a real world space! I suggest you look again at the Disney school of light and colour in terms of making your lair nice and punchy:

    1. Oh right okay I'll go ahead and take a look and take this into my Maya/ more productive thumbnails :).

      The blue balls in the corner are suppose to be like round flasks full of the potion but totally forgot about them so I'll go back and do more sketches to show the detail so people know what they are, same for the metals/rocks on the shelfs.