Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Thumbnails 21 - 29.

Jordan showed me a great way of creating light so that its bouncing round the room 22 and I've tried this in 24. I'm trying to make it a atmosphere/habitat for a Salamander rather than a human so I've tried to incorporate more natural forms rather than human made objects in the setting: 23 is a rock chest and 25 being a log for a desk. 

These are a few of my Hero Prop ideas, I really like 27 a Magic Zimmer Frame and the Magnified Glasses 29 as I think these give my character a funny look and expresses that he's an old mad scientist.


  1. hi ruby :) i really like no.22 with the blue colour of tubes :)

    1. Thanks Candice :), thats the one that Jordan helped me out on showing me a way of doing light. Thinking of using the blue light to show the potions in my actual scene.

  2. Hey, I agree! 22 really stood out for me, the blues and green are working well with each other and the perspective is good with the tubes in the foreground :)