Monday, 11 November 2013

Thumbnails 50 - 53.

I'm really liking how these are looking, although there not really detailed I've got my base and how I want my perspective to be. 52 I think works well in how bright the lights are where 51 and 53 look a bit too blown out. There also giving out that Cartoon vibe I wanted after looking at various cartoons they keep the colours blended but also chunky at the same time which I've tried to capture in my brushstrokes.

Today in my Photoshop workshop I spoke to Jordan and he gave me a tip in how to make it look Cartoony by blending the colours together softly and also how to have my lights bouncing and giving of light by using the Colour Dodge Tool.


  1. I think you need to get an accent colour in there - something to make it zing - and orange, for example - I don't know, maybe he's using fire-flies as lanterns down there?

    1. Oh right okay :), I'll start experimenting with colour and the environment more thank you.

  2. hi ruby:)
    i like 52 but i think u could change the colour of grey to make the scene more united :)