Thursday, 14 November 2013

Thumbnails 59 - 69.

I think my Concept is coming together now - I've done little sketches of certain objects that will be in my Secret Lair like Jars that are full of Fireflies or Glow-Worms and the Science Flasks that are a big hint to him being an Alchemist.

60 is the original before I added in the light. I got suggested to add a bit of orange into my Lair so I've dotted it around in the glowing jars which hold glow-worms/fireflies, you can't see the jar at the front but I added some light to suggest one may be there which might need a bit more considering its at the front and closest. Also on the bookshelf are a variety of different metals/gems which could be used for creating all kinds of weird stuff, and my Hero Prop is propped on the wooden table.

These are just some close-up sketches I did based on certain objects to give me more of an understanding for when it comes to creating them in Maya. 

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  1. I think you could be much bolder with your lighting here, Ruby - think Black Narcissus:

    Make the orange from the firefly lanterns rim-light the blue glowing pipes - so you've got hot orange highlights zinging against the blue and helping them to look more cylindrical. You need to be bolder with your lighting - also, that blue glow would be reflecting off the floor, picking out the ridges on the walls etc - in short, it would be looking much punchier in that gloomy space - get the colour working in that space, make it pop!