Monday, 18 November 2013

Thumbnails 73 - 75.

So I've gone and taken my Secret Lair a bit further in the way of lighting, changing the colour of the cave to a more of an orangey colour, making the rim lighting from the blue tubes stand out more.

73 - Painting over my original thumbnail.

74 - same as 73 but used the Dodge tool to darken the scene.
75 - Colour Dodge tool used to bring out the bright colours .


  1. Hi Ruby - run a hot orange rim light along the edges of the the blue pipes - as if orange light is hitting their edges; I suggest you bring the light-levels down in your cave too, so the light effects are a bit more pronounced: look what's happening in this image, for example...

    1. Oh right, I understand now I'll try that out thank you.