Thursday, 12 December 2013

Creative Partnerships

Some comments made on my blog about my secret lair.

Secret Lairs Crit Presentation.

Final Render - The Secret Lair of...

Here is my final render for my Amphibian Alchemist Dr Shaw.

I also did a render and took it into photoshop to try and dim down the brightness a bit using a overlay layer but turned out the original was so much better.

Digital Set Pipeline.

Digital Set Pipeline

Concept Artist Who's Who? (Production Designer)

Ive decided to look at a Production Designer who has produced work in a couple of my favourite films.

Rick Carter

A Production Designers job is to make the overall look of the film, TV show or video-game look how it does and Rick Carter has done a suburb job in many films including Avatar and Jurassic Park. 

The whole atmosphere in both Avatar and Jurassic Park make you feel as if you are there in the worlds, giving you that experience. He's won many awards two of which being oscar wins one for Lincoln and the other being for Avatar. 

He's currently working on the new Jurassic Park due out in 2015. 

Maya Modelling 4.

Quick test renders of different camera angles for my Scene.

 These are just some other adjustments made on the lighting and textures.

Hero Prop Concept.

Heres my final Hero Prop Concept and a final render for my Hero Prop.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Submission Disk - Artwork.

My Concept Art for my Lair wouldn't fit on the disk so Ive taken my character drawing 'Mr. Shaw'.

Maya Modelling 3.

Screenshot of my Hero Prop modelled in Maya few adjustments needed. Importing into my Lair next and going to add texture to it. Used my Orthographic Views for a guide. 

Maya Modelling 2.

Here are some screenshots of my Lair slowly coming together, all in different stages of the making.

Ive been having some trouble with the lighting so far, can't quite work out the in the middle. Top Left is the latest point I'm up too. Still need to put the water in, add in the light at end of tunnel and the Hero Prop.

In the previous renders I've extended the tunnel to make it look more longer and not as short, giving the impression of Mr. Shaw hiding right deep down in the tunnel.

Here are some very first renders from my Lair, when I started adding a few textures in and importing the components for my Lair.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

'Mise-en-Scene' Film Review.

Secret Lair Concept.

I've gone back over my Concept for my Secret Lair, tweaking a few aspects to make them clearer.

Changing the blue blobs at the front into actual flasks which they originally were and adding the pipe joints on the pipes to give a more indication what they are; making them more rounded then square too.  In the end I decided to remove the jagged pipe at the top as it works more like a pipe straight.

Oh also he blobs on the bookshelf have changed taking them from my Orthographic drawings so that people know more what they are - Rocks/Gems.

Thumbnails 99 - 112. (Orthographic Views)

Ive drawn up some Orthographic Views for some more objects for my Lair, for reference when modelling in Maya.