Wednesday, 11 December 2013

'Mise-en-Scene' Film Review

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  1. Hi Ruby,

    Ok, firstly, try and keep your writing objective; you write,

    '...when his fowl mouth, bitch of a mum ‘Crystal’ turns up.'

    This would be ok to use if you were quoting someone else saying it, but the way it is written here, it is just your opinion (even if it is true!)
    Also, she would be 'foul-mouthed', rather than 'fowl-mouthed', which conjures up an image of Crystal with a chicken's beak ;)

    Speaking of Crystal, it might have been worth exploring the Mother/Son relationship a little deeper, as there are some definite Freudian ideas going on there...

    On a technical note, you don't need to italicise the name and date after the quote, just the quote itself.