Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Artists Toolkit - Character Design Workshop.

In todays workshop we focused on how different shapes make up characters. Triangles represent Villains - edges, points and danger; Circles represent Babies - soft, friendly and safety; Squares represent Heroes - Stability and Strength. 

From knowing this we had to change a well known character, by swapping its shapes around. My first attempt was too round, and different to style of Spongebob. I did another focusing on making everything more trianglar in a subtle way. 

Next we got given a type of character and we had to design our own for that, being shown what makes up a typical female and male body. I got Super Hero/Villain.


  1. That rounded Spongebob actually made me laugh : D

    1. hahaa :), I thought when drawing him he looked really goofy!