Monday, 20 January 2014

'From Script to Screen' Film Review.

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  1. Hi Ruby
    A good discussion around the use of sound and music :)

    I think you maybe needed to mention the motive for the murder; ie that Brandon and Phillip considered themselves superior to David, and that their former teacher, Rupert, had previously said that murder is justified in certain circumstances. They also wanted to prove their superiority by getting away with the crime.

    You could also have talked a bit more about the actual film making techniques - the continuous shot, for example. This device give the viewer the feeling of actually being part of the gathering, and maybe even feel guilty, as they know about the murder whereas the other gusts don't.

    Be careful of your spelling - you have 'champaign' instead of 'Champagne'. Also, make sure that the film name is in italics, not the director's, and that you italicise all your quotes.