Tuesday, 21 January 2014

'From Script to Screen' Film Review.


  1. Hi Ruby!
    Interesting review, and good discussion around the use of the close-up camera shots.

    I would be careful not to let your writing sound too 'chatty' and informal; for example, you say that films 'take the mickey'...what you really need to be discussing here is how other films are 'parodies' or how they 'satirise', or that they are a 'pastiche'... I would advise you to look up all these words, and get them in your writing from now on! (Where applicable, of course!!) These are all topics that you will be covering in future theory lectures, if you haven't started to already, so there is no harm getting a head start! :)

    Other than that, just make sure that all the other films you mention have their names italicised too.

  2. yep, Ruby - it's the same old bit of advice for you: you need to develop some different 'modes' of communication; a bit like different dress codes for different occasions. When you're writing a review (or a written assignment) at degree level, you sort of need to go a bit 'classier' in terms of the way you go about things. Your formal academic writing shouldn't sound as if your discussing an idea with your mates. It's a different sort of mode - more sophisticated, more sensible, more 'degree level'. It takes practice (and these reviews are practice), but just, as you write, reflect on your choice of language and turn of phrase and keep things 'academic'.