Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Influence Maps.

Here are just some visual images based upon the words I picked out.


  1. Ruby - just a tip: your character doesn't have to be contortionist as an occupation; it could be that your character is beauty parlour technician who 'becomes' a contortionist on account of some kind of activity or sequence of events - in that classic cartoon way, as they get their body knotted up trying to do something; prevent something: perhaps, it's a newbie beauty technician who make lots of mistakes while grooming a customer, and things get so bad that there's a fire started somehow? Another idea, would be to have the customer being 'contorted' by the attentions of some over-exuberant stylist...

    1. Oh okay :), I did think of an idea of having a character just turning into a form of a chair or table - twisting his body around - to save a customer from falling. But this customers hair gets set on fire somehow and they don't know about it, leaving the beauty parlour to go into panic; leaving the customer oblivious to everything going on.