Thursday, 30 January 2014

Story Idea - Changes.

The beginging is almost the same but with a few differences but the plot has changed a tiny bit and another small character has been added, making what happens in the Parlour end differently.

A chubby lady walks into the Beauty Parlour, confirming her appointment by the Hairdresser for her usual. He settles the lady down in a chair for her haircut, which is a snug fit but she refuses to sit in another. The Hairdresser prepares the lady, and leaves the hair dye to settle. 

The Hairdresser goes to check on the hair dye and thinks another couple of minutes will do, setting a timer, and goes to make a cup of tea. Meanwhile the Lady is busy reading her magazine and reaches into her bag for something. The Hairdresser returns with a cup of tea for them both but just as he goes to put the tea down, the timer goes off and 'OINK!'. A pig had jumped out the ladies bag.

This pig begins to run around the Parlour, bumping into everything, due to being shocked from the loud beeping of the timer. The hairdresser jumps onto the ladies lap with fear and as this happens the chair collapses, he does nothing more but jumps back up and starts running after the pig; twisting himself into a knot. 

Meanwhile the lady is still struggling to get herself up. In the background this fizzing noise starts then within seconds 'POOF' a fire starts due to tea getting in the electric sockets. The lady starts screaming from the fire, the Hairdresser looks over, then does nothing more but jumps to the Fire Extinguisher and pulls the lever. He forgot to aim so the Fire Extinguisher moved like a hose pipe being let go, sending the Hairdresser back against a wall, unravelling himself and foam going everywhere. 

Everything turned white and misty. Eventually, the mist slowly started to disappear. The Hairdresser looked around; the Beauty Parlour looked a wreck - hair dye, towels, hair extensions, nail varnish, body lotion - everything was everywhere. He then looked in the Ladies direction but the mist was still heavy. He walks over and as he did the mist disappeared revealing the Pig, smiling as if he had won a game, on top of the Ladies head covered in multi coloured hair extenstions.

The Lady was still on the floor and was shaking as the Hairdresser walked over to her. He thought she was crying but he realised she was laughing. The Hairdresser took the pig off the Ladies hair and handed it back to the Lady, of whom held the pig up as if it was holy. He was fuming, that little pig had caused so much chaos to his Parlour and almost set it up in flames but he too began to laugh.

He helped the Lady back up to her feet, sat her on a new clean chair, tided up his workstation as quick as he could and set to about finishing the Ladies hair which had gone ultra red. The Lady paid for the damages she had caused, and left the Parlour with a massive smile on her face. As she left, the pig popped up it's little head full of hair and smiled a devilish grin.

Once they had left, the Hairdresser turned back to face his shop and stood there slumped over "Who'd thought a tiny pig could do so much damage?!" 


  1. Ruby... why a pig?

    Second year Sam needs you and your subconscious! See link:

    1. It's a micro pig :), I thought it related to the lady more than a cat or dog.