Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Story - The Step Outline.

Here's my story summed up on each scene or I think if I've understood what a 'Step Outline' is correctly, the build up to my plot and how its going to play out. 

A lady walks into the Beauty Parlour, asking for a perm and pedicure.

The lady's hair begins to steam. It's been under the heater for too long and eventually sets on fire.

The Hairdresser starts to panic, runs for the Fire Extinguisher. The lady's chair begins to give way due to her weight.

Just before the lady falls, the Hairdresser rescues the lady by twisting themselves into a chair. But ends up getting flattened because their not strong enough.

Finally both get to there feet and the Hairdresser puts out the fire using the Fire Extinguisher they dropped. The lady turns bright red and freezes due to shock, and gets moved to another seat.

The Hairdresser fixes up the lady's hair due to burning it.

After a while the lady regains consciousness, and is delighted with what the Hairdresser has done. Ends up apologising to the Hairdresser for being unsociable and falling asleep for most time she was there.

She doesn't have any recognition of what had happened, leaving the Hairdresser amazed they had got away with what had happened.

The lady kept thanking the Hairdresser until she left, leaving the Parlour with a massive smile and a wave goodbye.

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