Monday, 20 January 2014

The Chubby Lady Character.

The other main character of mine is the Chubby Lady who gets her hair permed and the poor disaster happens too. I wanted her to look over weight but in a cuddly way and she thinks she's a barbie doll - big eyelashes, face of full of make-up with long nails. And she wears this short dress that doesn't do her any favours because she thinks she looks nice and goes with the barbie look; when really she needs someone to tell her 'no that doesn't suit you, if your gonna wear a dress it needs to be longer'.

The picture on the Left is her hair before the hairdressers, her roots need doing and its up in a bun most probably because its greasy. On the Right is the after picture, her hair is all bouncy and curly just the way she wanted it; those bad roots have disappeared and the length is much shorter - I think because the hair was that burnt the hairdresser had no choice but to cut it off.

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