Friday, 21 February 2014

Character Biographies.

The Hairdresser -

Your typical gay hairdresser that has the perfect head of hair - a blonde bouncy quiff and a soul patch that he is proud of (the bum fluff on his chin). He's very lanky with these long model like legs, with flipper feet on the ends of them.

The Chubby Lady - 

She's that Lady who wants to be a Barbie, but it doesn't work for her. She likes to wear fake eyelashes and has to have a her lippy on. Her walldrobe is full of short dresses which don't do her any favours and just needs a friend to tell her to buy longer ones. She's booked in for her usual haircut and dyed but has not long got a new pet which can't be left alone just yet.

The Micro Pig -

The Micro Pig is the Chubby Lady's new pet and as its only a young piglet it can't be left alone just yet and so ends up getting carried around in the lady's purse like a purse dog making the poor pig an accessory to the Lady.

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