Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Storytelling & Commission - Fantastic Voyage Project & Initial Ideas.

Our briefing today was about the reproduction of cells; we got a choice of 4 different cycles to choose from 2 about slimy mould: Cellular Mould & Plasmodial Slime. And another 2 about plants: Fern & Moss.

Instantly I felt more connected with the plant cell cycles and thought thats where my base of ideas and research should start from. So after the briefing I've come away and done a mind map of the possible ideas of what could be the main feature/story of my 2 minute animation. I also thought about the audience.

I did these ideas while looking online at a diagram of both plants getting to grips with the science but I haven't decided yet what plant cycle I want to do so thats my next decision to make so I can start researching more about it. 

So far I like the 3rd idea of having this garden insect explaining how its habitat is made.

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  1. getting stuck in, Ruby - good stuff :) Calm those nerves!