Monday, 31 March 2014

Environment Textures 2.

I've decided to keep my environment flat with no bump maps, with just a cardboard texture on everything. Also the snail's eyes have got thicker making his eyes look like there actually attached to his head now instead of floating. Also some trees and flowers have been added to the background so that it doesn't look empty behind and to fill any gaps in the camera view. 

UV texture maps for the leaves, log and flower petals.

Environment Textures.

After speaking to Simon about my environment he suggested I added a bump map to everything rather than just the one thing, to keep the effect continueous. I think the bumps look good but they loose that cartoon style I'm after maybe? As well as bump mapping, I've added the cardboard texture to everything as this again keeps the effect continuous and not mix and match.
I've bumped mapped the log and tree in 5, leaving the other features plain with just the cardboard texture. Whereas 6 has no bump maps just the textures. 


Tree Textures.

Something was missing from my scene, and when rendered the snail's body was too shiny and the tree looked too flat. I added a bump map over my tree to make it look more of a tree and adapted the snail's texture to make it look less shiny but still keeping it looking 3D.

Before bumps.


 I've decided to go for the texture on 7 as it gives an indication of some grooves but its not in your face like the others, I decided to re-render and I liked the outcome.

Tree Texturing - Render from Ruby Newland on Vimeo.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Snail's Movement.

I've made my snail look more 3D-ish by having him bobbing around, making his shell move side to side as if his bodies moving and his eyes too as snails blink; having his eyes blink I think will be too much to do so I've got them swaying.

Moving eyes - practice. from Ruby Newland on Vimeo.

Also to test out what the scene may look like rendered and to give me an idea of how long it might take I rendered a full screenshot on the settings to work out textures.

I've also changed the texture on the tree because I found the big grooves didn't have the same effect when up close so changing the cardboard to have small grooves works better.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Sammy & Roger the Snails.

I've textured both my characters in Maya using the Toon Paint Tool, having a play around with the shadows/highlights. To make the snails look more different and to show there personality abit more, I've kept Sammy looking quite normal but given Roger a baseball cap because he thinks he's cool, but when he speaks he's just comes across the opposite.

Sammy the Snail

Roger the Snail

UV Texture map for Roger's shell.

Artist's Toolkit 'Animation' (Drawing)

Installation drawing's from yesterday. 

Texturing the Garden & Sammy.

Today I've began texturing my environment, especially the trees as they're my main objects that need textures and also Sammy the Snail's shell.

I like the look at these renders so far and I've tried to keep true to the colours used in my concept art, but for some reason when rendered my grass floor looks like its got mist. The rest of the garden I want to keep cartoony but I think the use of blocked colours I've used has made it look flat, but it might be the camera angle once I pan it round for my opening it'll probably look different. 

Putting the swirl on Sammy's shell was a nightmare, originally I wanted it on both sides but then I realised the audience is only ever going to see one side of him so I left the other side and focused on one which turned out to much easier. Below are some UV Texture maps of my textures used in Maya.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Fern Cycle Pre-vis

For my Pre-Vis I have added in some sound effects and background music to give me an idea if I'm missing something and I think it's okay. I know I need to add my voice over and mouthing but once this is added to it I think the sound will go nicely, as it's not too overpowering.

Fern Cycle - Previz from Ruby Newland on Vimeo.

Also the camera changes size because some of the play blasts I did weren't the correct size to begin with, which I will resolve in my final along side the snails eyes moving more smoothly.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

3D Snail with Mouth & Eyes.

I've took a maya preview of my snail with moving eyes and added in the mouth. Again I've used my own voiceover for experimenting with and I've tried to show how the eyes may move along side the talking. I want both eyes to be moving in some way, as snails do they seem to go bigger then smaller.

3D Snail with talking mouth + eyes. from Ruby Newland on Vimeo.

I know how I want the want the actual cycle to look on the tree, I think its all about timing and getting that right in maya which I'm finding to be tricky. As you can see the eye moves slowly when pointing at the fern while the speaking goes ahead. I think I'm going to have to work these things out as I go, speeding things up when needed to fit in.

During the pitch I got told to think about my sound/music a bit more. I thought about having a calming background noise of bird; stuff in thats in the garden really to give that atmosphere. Keeping that happy music for the beginning as an introduction and maybe at the end.

'Fantastic Voyage' Film Review

Fern Cycle Practice 4.

My last scene from my script when Sammy is saying bye and joins Roger for dinner.

Fern Cycle Practice 4. from Ruby Newland on Vimeo.

Fern Cycle Practice 3.

I've broke my script down into 6 scenes and this is my 5th scene where Roger gets close up to the camera, getting in the way yet again.

Fern Cycle Practice 3. from Ruby Newland on Vimeo.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Snail's talking mouth.

This is a practice of experimenting with lip syncing my snail. The voiceover is myself as I was practicing this quickly, and its the first line of my script. I'm going to put this 2D mouth over the top of my 3D characters but before I did this I wanted to work it out on a 2D character first.

Snail mouthing practice - without teeth. from Ruby Newland on Vimeo.

Snail mouthing practice - with teeth. from Ruby Newland on Vimeo.

I like the version without the teeth but there's a gap when he speaks so I was thinking of combining the two versions together so when his mouth is shut his teeth appear.

Snail mouthing inspirations.

This page was also very helpful, as I thought I'd have to use every letter separately but you don't luckily! I looked at cartoons such as South Park, Family Guy, Spongebob and The Flintstones for inspiration as too how to do my lip syncing for my characters.

Final Script.

This is my final script for my fern cycle animation.

Fern Cycle Practice 2.

This is another section from my script when Sammy the Snail looks under the leaf and Roger being Roger looks under a mushroom to make a joke.

Fern Cycle Practice 2. from Ruby Newland on Vimeo.

Snail Moving Eyes.

This is an example of how my snail's eyes are going to move to point out certain parts of the cycle, obviously there not going to be all this shape but this gives an example of how they might move.

Snail's Eye Preview from Ruby Newland on Vimeo.

Snails Eye Preview - in scene. from Ruby Newland on Vimeo.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Fern Cycle Practice 1.

I've been following along with my script and this is the first part of my fern cycle. I've focused on the eyes, although its very blocky it gives an idea whats going to happen and how they would move more smoothly. I haven't included the mouth as thats going to be 2D and I'm working out how that would be before I put it on top.

Fern Cycle Practice. from Ruby Newland on Vimeo.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Orthographic Views of Character.

Here are my Orthographic views of my Snail Character.

Maya Modelling 2.

I've modeled my Snail character in Maya, this time using my Orthographic Views and it looks much better.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Maya Modelling.

I've started piecing together my animation in maya making some bits as I go, I've got the base of my garden. Heres one of my snails, I've started bringing him into my scene working on the Pre-Viz.

I want to take this bottom screenshot and use it to practice the lip syncing just to figure out how I'm going to put a 2D mouth onto my 3D snail. 

'Fantastic Voyage' Film Review

Script - Draft 2.

After my pitch I got recommended to play on the funny side of it and so I've added in an additional character 'Roger the Snail' to add some mischeif to the cycle.

Artists Toolkit 'Animation' (Drawing)

Pictures of yesterday's installation using collage.