Monday, 31 March 2014

Environment Textures.

After speaking to Simon about my environment he suggested I added a bump map to everything rather than just the one thing, to keep the effect continueous. I think the bumps look good but they loose that cartoon style I'm after maybe? As well as bump mapping, I've added the cardboard texture to everything as this again keeps the effect continuous and not mix and match.
I've bumped mapped the log and tree in 5, leaving the other features plain with just the cardboard texture. Whereas 6 has no bump maps just the textures. 



  1. Hey Ruby,

    I like the softness of no 6. Also - I'm just wondering, in terms of composition, if you need to fill out that blank bit of background behind the tree trunk on the left - it just feels very empty there now; it could be something out of focus - more leaves, more flowers, but something just to create a bit more world - and a bit of depth and distance? What do you think? Also - do you think that maybe your snails eye stalks need to be a bit thicker, just so they make more of an impact visually? Discuss!

    1. I was thinking about moving the trees around a bit more to fill the gap and also that's where Roger's gonna be for most of it so the gap won't look so empty as the animation goes on. Oh right okay, yeah a few have commented on his eyes saying they need to be thicker I'll make them look more like thick spaghetti! :)

  2. I like the environment number 6, just a soft texture : )