Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Post Pitch Ideas.

From the Pitch yesterday I went away and took their comments into action, creating some more characters to appear throughout my animation to lively it up a bit. I also got told to work on my script to make it more comical and to work with a Character vs Character style, having the science in the background rather than it being the main focus.

I thought about having some insects flying around as the camera pans the garden, then when it falls onto the tree little things happen in the background like a spider popping in and out maybe forming a cobweb; perhaps a bunny walks in laying a trail of easter eggs as its coming up to easter.

I got recommended to make my snails eyes more out there so I thought about having him blink the odd time his eyes to grow and move around much more going into the background and foreground. Having an additional character just being annoying and in the way of Sammy the Snail teaching. 

1 comment:

  1. I like the third image - with the other snail's eyes getting in the way and distracting the teaching snail; this really suits your world and it keeps the scale the same in terms of the feature animals. Go with the 'annoying' snail!