Monday, 24 March 2014

Snail's talking mouth.

This is a practice of experimenting with lip syncing my snail. The voiceover is myself as I was practicing this quickly, and its the first line of my script. I'm going to put this 2D mouth over the top of my 3D characters but before I did this I wanted to work it out on a 2D character first.

Snail mouthing practice - without teeth. from Ruby Newland on Vimeo.

Snail mouthing practice - with teeth. from Ruby Newland on Vimeo.

I like the version without the teeth but there's a gap when he speaks so I was thinking of combining the two versions together so when his mouth is shut his teeth appear.


  1. This looks really good Ruby! :D

  2. great stuff, Rubes! Really getting stuck in, I see and I love that fearlessness - likewise that you've gone out and taken this knowledge on yourself. You know, I think you're going to have to lose his buck teeth maybe - but without them, he does look a bit more intelligent - and maybe a bit more like the teacher he is? When you come to perfect your mouth-shapes, I suggest you go into Illustrator, and tidy them all up a bit so they match in with the neater curves of your world more generally. Onwards, Ruby, onwards! :)