Thursday, 27 March 2014

Texturing the Garden & Sammy.

Today I've began texturing my environment, especially the trees as they're my main objects that need textures and also Sammy the Snail's shell.

I like the look at these renders so far and I've tried to keep true to the colours used in my concept art, but for some reason when rendered my grass floor looks like its got mist. The rest of the garden I want to keep cartoony but I think the use of blocked colours I've used has made it look flat, but it might be the camera angle once I pan it round for my opening it'll probably look different. 

Putting the swirl on Sammy's shell was a nightmare, originally I wanted it on both sides but then I realised the audience is only ever going to see one side of him so I left the other side and focused on one which turned out to much easier. Below are some UV Texture maps of my textures used in Maya.

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  1. You might want to try 'toon shading' as a way to give your snail a bit more 'outline' and a stronger form? Even though it's not in your original design, you might also investigate giving your snail a blue 'bib' - in other words a different colour on his neck and down his belly - maybe not blue (though I think it could work) - perhaps a lighter/darker yellow? Something to stop him reading quite so 'flat'? Have a think anyway...