Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Visual Concept.

I'm not sure what to do for my visual concept but I want my animation to be bright, colourful and have character. So knowing this I've researched some films that involve these aspects and hopefully I can use these in my own work.

Looking at Over the Hedge, Antz and A Bug's Life it has given me inspiration for colours used in the garden, and also at the size difference between the animals/insects. I want the start and end to be based in the garden full of Ferns and other plants, having a tree as a whiteboard kind of thing similar to how the children in A Bug's Life use the leaf as paper.

The kind of way the drawings are presented on the leaf is how I'd like to show the cycle, but using it more like carving in the wood. Or a leaf could be glued to the tree using it like paper.

I want a snail character to put across the information to the children, so I looked at Flushed Away and Turbo as they make snails look cool, I think its there big bulging eyes that draw my attention. Having a fun character hopefully will make the children more engaged with the information that's being shown.

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