Tuesday, 8 April 2014

DOF Render Test.

One of my scenes finished rendering today so I tested out the depth of field on it, to see what it may look like. Although by adding this effect instead of just making the background look blurred its added a blur over the whole thing, I might have done the settings wrong or something but it hasn't worked out as planned.

Render DOF - 1 from Ruby Newland on Vimeo.

As you can see from my depth video below, it hasn't picked up on the darkness as much as it should of and I think this is maybe why its put a blur over the whole picture rather than just in the background.


  1. I keep meaning to ask Ruby - but what's the blue square on the shell behind Sammy's neck? I think you've got the same thing happening on Roger too - it's not the shadow, so what is it? And can you get rid of it? It looks like a glitch to me...

  2. Hey Ruby, I'll catch up with you on Friday and we can sort the DOF. The blue square on the snails shell is a texture issue just make you hit those faces with some of that light blue.