Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lip Syncing Practice 2.

After some feedback I've done another practice run this time including a second scene where it introduces my second character Roger to test out his mouthing and to see if the sounds don't overpower the voiceover. I've included a fern picture when its explaining about the fern cycle and also experimented with capitals and lowercase letters for the writing.

Previs 2 - Scene 1&2 - v2 from Ruby Newland on Vimeo.

I prefer the words when they have a capital at the beginning for example like 'Zygote' rather than the other way I've shown in the practice 'gametophyte'.

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  1. Hey Rubes - me again.

    I think you need to include the text for 'sporophyte' too - and create a bit of space in the talk-track so the audience can read the word, before we get to the gametophyte section. It feels odd right now that we get this bit of information, but it's somehow not included in the diagram or as a text label. I know you're worried about the length of your film, but this is an example of when you do need to put more content in, because the gap is otherwise very conspicuous.

    You've got a glitch/jump at around 36 secs?

    I think we need to see Roger saying 'What are you doing', which means getting him into shot a bit earlier.

    I suggest that you speak with Simon/Jordan re. depth of field - i.e. making the elements in the background more out of focus than the branch and snail etc - it will just give your world a greater sense of depth.