Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lip Syncing Practice.

I've finally worked out the speed of my animation in Maya with the voiceover in the background while I was animating. After I play-blasted it, then took the play-blast into Premiere Pro where I began putting the mouthing with the words. Once this was okay and I was happy, I exported that video file and dropped it into After Effects where I added the fern diagram pictures onto the tree.

Previs 2 - Scene 1 v2 from Ruby Newland on Vimeo.

It's only my first scene but this is has helped me out greatly, hopefully next the scenes will be easier as I now know what I'm doing. Any feedback as too what I could to improve would be awesome :).

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  1. Hey Rubes,

    Great to see this - and I'm loving how fearless and proactive you're being around the bits of the process you're unfamiliar with. V. inspiring! I think, when Sammy says 'This is a fern', I think we need to have a picture of it appear on the tree trunk, just as the other elements do - just because, although you've got the modelled ferns in the scene, it's not clear that he's referring to them when he says it. Just have an adult fiddlehead fern pictured when he says it. Also - I have a feeling that your text would look friendlier if it wasn't all in capital letters; I'd like to see you using all lower-caps by way of an experiment (i.e. no capital letters at all), and maybe try a version with only the first letter capitalised too.