Monday, 21 April 2014

What's under the Leaf? - Version 3.

What's under the Leaf? - Version 3 from Ruby Newland on Vimeo.

I've brought a few sounds together to create a 'pop up' effect for whenever Roger pops in and out of screen and for when the camera pans onto him, birds start chirping. Its only faint but its enough to know he's coming.

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  1. Hey Rubes,

    A few more nitpicks;

    I don't like the way the fades between Zygote and Young Sporophyte compete with each other; I think there's time to fade Zygote out completely, before 'Young Sporophyte' fades in - try and crisp up these transitions; there's still something a bit messy about the way your elements fade in/fade out - keep it clean. For example, why not fade in the word 'Gametophyte' as Sammy actually says it - as opposed to rushing the fade of Sporophyte? You can keep your drawing/text on screen for a little longer as Roger appears - just jiggle your timings here - because it's still not completely satisfying.

    I like the 'roger' sounds a lot - except for the one when he moves closer to the screen at around 56/57 secs - not sure that SFX works, sounds a bit aggressive/strange to me - just using the more Swanee whistle sound you've given him elsewhere would be better I reckon.

    So - just really look at the timings/transitions of your text elements, Ruby - you're very nearly there, but some of those moments are still a little clunkier than they could be.