Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Narrative: Ideas are forming.

After our tutorial with Alan today it really got the ball rolling in our group. Mixing up our ideas even more to try and understand our quote 'A little of what you fancy does you good'. The idea of having a smaller animal being snuck on by a predator came too mind. Having the prey using some sort of defence to interact with the larger animal, which ends up badly for him but the other guy gets the prize.
  • A porcupine is reaching for the 'holy' fruit which is just from his reach. Meanwhile behind him hyenas are sneaking up on him ready for dinner. The porcupine is oblivious to what's going on behind. Swirl of pollen comes along making him sneeze and loose his balance, sending spikes towards the hyenas scaring them off. The fruit falls into the porcupines lap. 
This idea is the same scenario but swapping round the characters roles, a smaller animal sneaking up on the big one. Which we thought could also work with an elephant too.
  • A rhino is just chilling, tying to pull out a piece of grass to eat. Meanwhile a baby (lion, tiger or hyena) is jumping up and down attempting to grab his 'feathery' tail. Again the rhino is oblivious to what's going on. After a few tries the baby finally grabs hold of the tail, making the larger animal sit down, on top of themselves. The poor baby is getting squished, but as the rhino sat down he pulled out the piece of grass he tried to eat. Gets up and walks away leaving an exhausted baby behind.
This scenario could also play out differently: a mouse walks past and scares the rhino maybe sending him backwards towards a tree, with the smaller animal still holding onto the tail. Who ends up getting squished?

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