Friday, 26 September 2014

Research into Character Style.

Slapstick comedies are funny but I think cartoons can get away with a lot more than in real life, there actions seem to be 10 times more exaggerated and silly. But some wouldn't be as funny as what they are now if it weren't for the character style, which comes down to the build and facial expressions of these. Also cartoons tend to involve a duo rather than a single character for example Wylie Coyote and Roadrunner, Pinky and the Brain, Astrix and Obelix... the list can go on.

Both characters always seem to be opposites to each other too, ones always clever or one always gets hurt; either way one of the two always ends up on top. And that's what people find funny: the silly ways in which these things occur. For example Looney Tunes and their use Acme Explosions.
We wanted to try and incorporate Slapstick Comedy and the Character Style of these cartoons into our own work, but in a way that our quote is put across to the audience.

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