Thursday, 23 October 2014

Character: Theme - Norse Mythology.

To progress further into the character project I had to decide on a theme for my game to help decide the environment and character design, as the structure of the game is already there. I've decided that my environment is going to be fantasy therefore I wanted to focus on magic. I delved deeper into a culture of magic and then came across Viking Religion; the story of the Gods Thor and Loki.

Eventually I came across Hel the ruler of the Underworld, Loki's monstrous daughter who is 'half human, half blank'. And after researching more I decided this is the path I wanted my free-falling game to go into, the depths of  Helheim.

From this I made a mind map of what Hel is, and some quick ideas of what my character could be going along the lines of a Viking. I tried incorporating what we had done in our Character exercise this week, basing my character on a word to emphasis it.


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